Location Leaders


Dr. Sushma Koul, is a retired CSIR scientist. She is extremely passionate about teaching and ensures that all possible efforts are made to spread happiness.


Harish, is a passionate volunteer. He works as Associate Vice President with UCS and manages the activities for the location. In his leisure time, he spends time with his two kids.

Navi Mumbai

Lokesh, is a person with “Can do” attitude. He is always ready to help others. He is a Supply Chain professional with Future Group.


Pankaj, is a banker by profession. He believes that education is the right for all and is working in that way.


Ankur, is extremely hard working and he guarantees that all the events of North region become successful. He is an entrepreneur on eCommerce platform.


Chandan, is a software engineer by profession and is a passionate teacher. He is patient and is able to get along with children well.


Siddhant, is an engineer in the making. He is passionate about sharing and obtaining knowledge.


Tathagata, has constantly been taking the initiative and leading activities. He is a Go-getter.


Venkat, is an experienced manager and conducts classes at his own place.

New Delhi

Aditya, is a young entrepreneur, and enjoys the company of children. He is an active member of all the activities of Northern region.