What kind of work will I have to do ?

Primary aim of Mission Learning Foundation is spreading knowledge among less privileged kids. Hence you would be required to teach them starting from scratch. Other than teaching, you’ll be required to be a part of different drives that involve distribution of Clothes and other basic need related stuff, Medical Camps, Nature Study related trips etc. For More info about what all can be there in the bucket list of activities, you can look at What We Do.

Is there some work from home opportunity available ?

Yes, it is available but we expect our volunteers to be highly dedicated when they have been assigned responsibilities that can be worked upon from home.

How many hours per day am I required to spend ?

The classes are usually from 2-3 hours so maximum three hours per day is enough.

Do you provide certificate ?

Yes, we do provide certificate but the minimum involvement period should be three months.

Do you pay its volunteers/employees ?

No, Mission Learning Foundation is run by all like – minded people who wish to bring some change to society. We all are either working or students that devote time from our busy schedules.

Does Mission Learning Foundation receive government funding ?

We do not receive any government funding as an NGO that allows us to remain independent, making unbiased evaluations of government policies and programmes.

I don’t see my question here. Whom can I contact for help ?

Please reach out to us by Contacting Us and we will revert back with an answer.